May 18, 2008

Why we love life: Part 3

It's been some time, and I know you are all itching to see some more videos from our travels, so here are 5 quick videos from our trip to Fiji and New Zealand. This is Why We Love Life.

Fijian Fire Dancing - Taken at the Sunset Waya Resort, on Waya Island in the Yasawas.

Traditional Fijian Concert
- Taken at the Wayalailai Eco Lodge, on Wayalailai Island in the Yasawas.

Maori Haka - Traditional dance, taken at Whakarewarewa thremal village in Rotorua.

- Swimming seals on the shore at Abel Tasman National Park.

Bungy Jumping - That's me jumping off of the 43 meter Kawarau bridge near Queenstown. Video footage thanks to my darling Julie.

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