May 16, 2008

Forgotten Photos

Okay, for those of you who read the post about our trip through the South Island of New Zealand, you might have noticed that I didn't link to the album for the first part of the journey... Whoops.

Without further ado, here are the photos from Abel Tasman, down to Fox Glacier.

Also, just a quick update on our travels. Julie finally received her working holiday visa for Australia, and met me in Melbourne on Thursday! Thanks to our amigo Kareem, as he put us in touch with his good friends Steven and Natasha, and we are staying with them in their beautiful home in Melbourne. I should mention that in addition to being the greatest hosts, they have the nicest labrador retriever (named Seamus) I have ever seen, and are a great pairing of foodie meets wine lover. In fact, they have their own blogs that I must tell you about.

Chokecherry Pancakes - For great recipes. Including the amazing salmon risotto and cupcakes we had for dinner tonight.

Corkmaster - For the love of wine...and we've been drinking it.


Nomadic Matt said...

do you have a stumble id?

Baj_Mahal said...

Wow you guys are doing what my boyfriend and I are planning to do in a few years! I just read your posts about Brazil, and they were helpful. We are planning to visit Brazil in July and are pretty excited. Keep up the good work! Your blog is really entertaining :)