May 15, 2009

Atlanta, and a little southern hospitality

Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola, the 1996 Summer Olympics, and some of the hottest weather I've ever experienced in my life. People refer to the city as Hotlanta during the Summer months, due to the ridiculous humidity, but visit in the Winter or Spring and you're good to go. After my trip to Toronto, I decided to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousin who live in Atlanta and, who swear it's the greatest city in the US. I'll tell you this, the city is great, but with their hospitality, it is quite possibly the best place to visit.

I flew in on Continental Airlines for a long weekend, and stayed with my cousin Shawn. It was just my luck that the famous Steamhouse Oyster Festival was going on the same weekend. The Steamhouse bar and restaurant has been putting on the festival for years, originally in the Buckhead neighborhood, and now at their location in Midtown. The streets are blocked off, there's live music, beer, and tons of oysters! The festival was on February 21st and 22nd, and we were out in jeans and a tee shirt. Couldn't beat the winter weather.

If you can believe this, at a bar nearby Oyster Fest, I ran into Chris, who is a guy I met on Ko Phi Phi, in Thailand. I think we were both shocked to see each other. Out of all the cities and places in the world! Chris was great, and even invited us out to his loft for a party later that night. I tried my hand at DJ'ing, and had so much fun.

The rest of the trip was spent doing normal weekend activities. I went running in Piedmont Park, which has beautiful botanical gardens in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. I relaxed, and caught up with family. I also had brunch at the best spot in the city. Next time you visit, make sure you hit up Ria's Bluebird Cafe in Grant Park. Try the cheese grits, and pecan pancakes...yum. Thanks to My friend Meg for this suggestion.

Some other good places to visit in Atlanta include, the trendy/artsy area of Little Five Points, Decatur, the nightlife around Buckhead, and the Highlands. For some good Southern soul food, check out Son's Place restaurant, not far from Little Five Points.

Since my cousin is an Atlanta native, I asked to get his top pics on what do to and where to go. Here are his suggestions:


- Italian: Soto Soto.
- Mexican Tacos: El Ray Del Taco and La Fonda.
- Steak House: Hals, and Bones.
- Sushi: MF (Magic Fingers) Sushi.
- Southern Food: JCT (Junction) and Sons.
- Barbeque: Fat Matt's and Abdulla's (the owner was Abdulla the butcher, the former WWE wrestler).
- 5 star dining: Aria, Rathbauns, and Bacchanalia.
- Asia or Spanish food: Any place on Buford Highway.


- Party Areas:
  • Midtown (Crescent Ave and surrounding areas)
    • Clubs - Opera, Leopard Lounge, and Cosmo/Lava
    • Bars - Twisted Taco and Steam House
  • Buckhead
    • Clubs - Tongue and Grove, East Andrews
    • Bars - Tin Lizzys, 5 Paces
  • East Atlanta
    • Bar - Flat Iron
- Happy Hour: Tin Lizzy's (Buckhead)

Other Activities:

- Atlanta Braves baseball day game. Buy a cheap ticket and go to the Budweiser Pavilion.
- Atlanta Falcons football night game. Buy a club ticket and enjoy the game in style.
- UGA Saturday afternoon college football game. Buy any ticket, and sit in the student section.
- Decatur Beer Festival.
- Halloween in Little 5 Points.

Does anyone else have good suggestions on what to do and where to go in Atlanta?

To see a little more, here are some photos from my trip to Atlanta.

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Jodi said...

WHAT!? I can't believe you ran into Chris. That is ridiculous. Will have to write him and say hi too!