September 27, 2008

Globestompers is now just a Globestomper

To all our friends, family, and loyal supporters of our travel blog, I have some news. As of this week, Julie is flying home to the US, and I will continue to travel on my own. Hopefully I can keep the spirit of the blog alive, and entertain you as much as Julie has.

Right now we are in Bali, Indonesia. We left Cairns on Sept 11th, and flew to Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia for a 5 day tour of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. From Darwin we flew to Singapore on September 16th, spent 3 nights exploring the city, and then arrived in Bali on September 19th to meet our friend Tal, who was visiting from New York.

This is just a quick re-cap as so much has happened over the last couple weeks, but I hope to write in more detail very shortly.



Nomadic Matt said...

why is julie going home?

Jared said...

She got tired of traveling and missed her family and friends.