April 20, 2008

Happy Passover

Dear Family and Friends,

Just a quick hello to wish you a happy Passover. We usually celebrate each year with my great aunt and cousins on my mother's side, and they really have become close family since we moved to New York. We miss you this time of year, so a special hello to Ann, Jon, Janet, Josh, Sarah, Michael, Lisa, Vicky, Andrew, Lynne, Steve, Alexa, and Hannah.

We are currently in New Zealand and have just finished the first week of our three week tour. We are in the city of Wellington at the bottom of the North Island, and are taking a ferry today to the South Island, to spend two more weeks driving the country. Did I mention that we are traveling and living out of a beat up '94 Toyota van that has been fitted with a make-shift bed, table, and kitchenette! It's also painted from front to back in pop art images, and we get looks everywhere we go.

Here are two photos from life on the road. The first is of our van that we call Andy (as in Warhol), and the second is of our Passover seder that we cooked at a campsite on friday night (and ate in our van).

Much love,

Jared and Julie

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