October 15, 2007

From a Two Bedroom Apartment to a Backpack - What To Bring For A Year Around The World

You might think that packing for a year around the world is easy. You just grab a bag and throw in a couple of days worth of clothes, a tooth brush, a sleeping bag, and a camera. If only it was that easy.

I honestly think I started to make a list in my mind about a year before we left. Every time I went into an outdoor store or saw a new gadget in a magazine, I would get so excited, thinking that would be perfect for our trip. So, after a year of mentally preparing, we finally packed our bags. The funny part, is that it was completely different from what I originally thought. I just could not fit everything I wanted to bring.

So here it is, ¨The List¨

Jared´s Bag

  • Eagle Creek 80 Liter travel pack with detachable day bag, and rain cover.
  • 45 degree synthetic sleeping bag, with waterproof stuff sack.
  • Silk sleeping bag liner.
  • 1 pair of lightweight waterproof hiking boots.
  • 1 pair of collapsible running shoes - Nike Free, they are amazing and weigh nothing.
  • Headlamp/flashlight.
  • Sunglasses - Polarized for mountains and ocean.
  • Swiss Army Knife with all the usuals, such as blade, scissors, corkscrew, bottle and can openers. Everything but the kitchen sink.
  • A Spork. Plastic all in one spoon/fork/knife combo.
  • 80 gig ipod loaded with tons of movies and tv shows for long bus rides, and all of my music. Plus sound isolating earphones to really get lost in my tunes.
  • 2 digital cameras, one SLR with two lenses, and one automatic point and shoot. Extra batteries for each, plus 10 gigs worth of memory cards.
  • Unlocked blackberry with international charger. Idea is to get local SIM cards.
  • Electrical travel adapters.
  • Mini first aid kit.
  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Mini locks for backpack and day bag.
  • Collapsable Nalgene water bladder/bottle with hydration hose for hiking.
  • DUCT TAPE, rolled around a pen. Necessary for fixing broken gear/clothing.
  • 2 pairs of zip off pants that are convertible to shorts.
  • 1 pair of my favorite jeans.
  • 2 surf/board shorts. Anyone who´s been at the beach for a while knows the smell you get from wearing one pair too long. It´s the salt water, I swear.
  • 1 long sleeve rash guard for surfing or any other water sport.
  • 3 tee shirts
  • 2 short sleeve button down shirts. Both cotton/poly moisture wicking.
  • 2 long sleeve button down shirts. 1 quick dry shirt with roll up/button sleeves, and 1 going out shirt.
  • 3 undershirts/singlets/¨wife beaters.¨
  • 1 long sleeve crew neck moisture wicking shirt.
  • 5 pairs of quick dry/moisture wicking underwear.
  • 1 pair of synthetic long underwear.
  • 6 pairs of socks. 2 pairs of hiking, 1 pair of mountaineering/winter, and 3 pairs of low cut athletic socks.
  • 1 micro fleece jacket.
  • 1 waterproof shell jacket.
  • 1 pair waterproof shell pants.
  • 1 micro down vest.
  • 3 hats. 1 baseball cap, 1 sun hat, and 1 lightweight fleece hat.
  • Toiletries - the usual mix.
  • 1 travel guide book on South America. Will get new books as we move on to new continents.
  • 1 fiction book. First one is the Kite Runner.
  • My journal. To remember all the great experiences we´re about to have.
  • And last, a Martin backpacker guitar. Yes a real acoustic guitar, but it´s small. Really.

Wow, that was exhausting just writing all of this down. I have no idea how I fit all these things into my bag, and I had more that I left at home. I´m sure I will get rid of things along the way, but for now, this is everything I need for beaches, mountains, spring, summer, fall, and winter.

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