April 30, 2008

Officially a Lost Girl

Just before Jared and I left New York, I exchanged a few emails with Amanda of The Lost Girls, who had just returned to the city after a year around the world. Their hilarious travel blog made me realize how much I had to look forward to on my travels.

Now that the Girls are back in the Big Apple, they regularly profile a Lost Girl of the Week. This week, it's my turn! Click here to read why I got Lost.


Gary Arndt said...

Great site. I put a link to your site on my blog.


Anonymous said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

Nomadic Matt said...

congrats on being a new lost girl!

Cindi said...

Congrats - I too just put a link on my blog. It's pretty pathetic right now, as my boyfriend and I aren't leaving for another month! I've loved reading about your adventures. Happy travels!

AMY_BELL - said...

I just discovered your blog through The Lost Girls site. I really praise you for what you're doing. My sister and I have the goal to travel the world one day and she is a little farther along than me. I just finished school and have to save up some cash first but in the next couple years I hope to make my world journey a reality. I don't know how expensive it is but if you can make it to the Cook Islands, it is so worth the trip. New Zealand owns the islands (more or less) so they might have cheap deals. Rarotonga, the main island, is the most secluded, best place I ever went to. Enjoy New Zealand! I haven't been there but my sister has...be sure to try zorbing before you leave :)